Standard Business Suite - Everything you need to run a 1-10 user virtual office.

What's Included?

Comprehensive applications, support and management, shared VPS (Virtual Private Server) environment hosted in a SAS-70 certified datacenter. "Shared Private Cloud".

Total Cost of Ownership?

This option comes with the lowest TCO because TCONet will bear the full cost of IT support, including technical experts, equipment support, power costs and full CAPEX of server hardware and software. You pay a monthly subscription fee for all services.

Why consider this option?

Targeted to the individual or 1-10 user firm.
You do not want the capital expense burden of physical equipment and applications.
You have fairly simple application needs.
You are a startup company and need to deploy quickly.
You want to leverage virtualization reduce your support costs and add high availability.
You have a globally distributed workforce.
You utilize applications that run well in a remote desktop environment or are primarily web based.
Your application needs are not bandwidth intensive.
You do not require integration with legacy applications.

Typical Cost?

$60 - $120 per month per user.

"Virtual Private Server Computing provided by TCONet has afforded our company a reliable, cost effective and standardized solution for our agents around the country."

David Tomer, President

TSG Network